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Presenting Partners

Our Mission

Aii Delhi is a leading voice on India in the 21st Century, providing regional and international context to the bilateral relationship with Australia. We provide insights into India’s culture, capability, policy settings, political priority and partnership potential between Australia and India.

We are a focal point for bilateral research on our shared challenges and aspirations, including health, education, governance and sustainability. Aii Delhi drives a proactive agenda of online and other engagement to encourage debate, interest and awareness of Australia-India relations in a regional and global context. 

We work with our core partners University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, University of Western Australia and UNSW and are sponsored by state and federal government. We welcome corporate sponsorship to drive thematic relationships with experts from business, academia and government for impact.

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Testimony of this grand, one of a kind event is its absolute top tier global partner organisations. Learn more here.

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Global leading voices from business, policy, advocacy, government and arts. Explore here.


We thank our sponsors for their support in building a fantastic platform on India’s globalisation.